About us

E.L.B.-Füllstandsgeräte Bundschuh GmbH & Co is developing, producing and selling level meters for liquids which are used to collect, register and control filling levels in all industrial fields. Our standard program comprises protections against overfilling and leakage detectors with a mark of conformity according to WHG (The Water Resources Act of the Federal Government) with the whole evaluation electronics, mechanical displays with corresponding contacts, conductive electrodes with electronic evaluations, float type switch made of any material, hydrostatic and capacitive measuring, vibration switch, continuous float detector, resistance chain, hydrostatic continuous measuring, ultrasonic measuring and turbidity measuring. Furthermore, these devices may be used in explosive areas for applications of the Ex-Zone 0 (category 1) and Ex-Zone 1 (category 2)(ATEX). We are specialized in producing customer-tailored applications. Our products are developed and manufactured in germany.